Hold Fast to Dreams

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There’s a large amount of chaos happening in our world: hurricanes, floods, mud slides, and even political turmoil.  In addition to these major events, you may be experiencing challenges within your personal world, such as financial woes, relationship drama, and job dissatisfaction. These various circumstances can rob you of your dreams and distract you from building your desired life. They deplete our finite energy and attention. We become reactionary. 

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E06: Self-care & Success with Tara Pringle Jefferson

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Tara Pringle Jefferson is a writer, speaker, and self-care coach. She is the founder of Bloom Beautifully, a self-care subscription service that gives women bimonthly care packages alongside a community of support. With this business, Tara teaches women that the best way to achieve their goals is to first pour into themselves. She also hosts workshops on stress reduction, time management, and personal development.

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