Black Women- We’re Killing Ourselves

By June 14, 2015inspiration

…So let’s do something about it.

You probably know this woman: She has it all together-Fly, Educated and Fierce. She’s a “Strong Black Woman”

As I started, or was encouraged, to share my battle with suicide & depression over the past two years, women of various races, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds have confided in me how the “doing it all” led to health consequences such as cancer, obesity, and other stress related illness.

Through my graduate studies, I learned Black women experience higher levels of many illnesses due to a propensity to self sacrifice. The kicker is many of us don’t even know we’re doing this to ourselves. After spending over 100 hours studying this silent epidemic killing Black women, I found that we can transform our lives by tending to our heart spaces while strengthening our skills in leadership, professional and economic development.

Black lives matter. Black women matter. My work inspired me to create a campaign- Black Women Rise Movement.

Here are three ways you can stop self- sacrificing:

1) Get clear on your values and stop compromising them in service to other people

2) Communicate your needs so that others may honor you 

3) Pay yourself first by beginning to carve out dedicated time to tend to your needs and the things you desire.

My call to action is for you to stand with me in transforming your life and the lives of other Black women. Please review the short video below to find out more. I urge you to join the movement by becoming a Trailblazer today.

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