Join us for 3+ weeks of “straight, no chaser” action, laser coaching, accountability, and support that will ELEVATE your value and visibility in 30 Days- ONLY if you implement immediately.


Permission to have some real talk…

Do you have a solid plan for attracting clients to your business so you can start the year successful and profitable… or do you intend to do more of the same old tactics currently leaving you disappointed and discouraged?

If you want to increase your revenue this year using the same old marketing tactics and strategies, then you will finish the year with lackluster results.

Do you want to Elevate Your Visibility & Value?

Quanisha Green, MSS- Keynote Speaker for the 2017 Conference of the Commission on Human Diversity, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

I am the founder of a growing global movement to elevate the quality of leadership and the range of voices we see in business leadership. I have consulted and trained leaders internationally for the US Embassy and privately supported women business leaders around the world from the United States, Australia, and the U.K- to name a few.

I have sold out spaces for private one-to-one work with me. My schedule is quite hectic-between delivering organizational training, leading private coaching sessions, to creating content, my average work day is FULL of business activities.

I am not bragging. The results speak for themselves. I don’t post in online groups all day or give away free coaching & challenges while “praying” for people to schedule a free strategy session or discovery call (Honestly, I tried all that two years ago and it burnt me out).

Today, I attract clients through referrals, partnerships, and communities I cultivated.

Why? Simply, it’s the best way to attract high-level clients and customers.

Many Women Entrepreneurs are not positioning themselves as High-value Leaders!


I receive numerous messages from women seeking to create consistent revenue in their business, enough so that they can quit their jobs and build a legacy, but they do not know where to start despite having participated in numerous coaching programs and courses.

Here’s the truth: You are being sold “six-figure” & “glam” solutions that require you to have a high-level of CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and COURAGE to get results.

Some days, I want to distance myself from the coaching industry because I hear the stories from clients on how they felt scammed. The best thing I can do is ELEVATE the conversation, tell the truth, and offer entrepreneurs simple and effective systems for getting paid for your expertise and genius.

I want you to WIN! I want you to SHINE! I want you to TRANSFORM lives!

Now, I’m here to provide you the proven strategies you need to increase your visibility & value with no fluff and no hype.

I am going to share 3 strategies that will maximize your success, but you have to DO THE WORK to get the results.

3 “Get Known” Models + Hours of Actionable Content.

Week 1- Webinars That Matter: How to Monetize Your Magic through Masterclasses

Week 2- Facebook Ads 101: How to leverage Facebook to establish your expert platform and magnetize your market. 

Week 3- Write to Sell: How to Create Content that Captivates & Converts.

How It Works: 

When you enroll, you will immediately get a pre-questionnaire to share your pressing questions so that the training is customized to your needs.

Throughout the week you will receive short, actionable materials that will prepare you for the week’s topic. Then, you’ll attend a live Masterclass to deep dive, get it done and receive laser coaching from Quanisha Green, MSS (me).

Also, you’ll get exclusive access to me in the Facebook Group where you can ASK ME ANYTHING! – includes feedback on your work, pop-up livestreams, and daily encouragement! 

PLUS, for a limited time:

Sold Out! – 20-minute power session with me (PRICELESS!)

Extended Bonus – Instant access to my highly-praised “Get Known” 2017 Business Bootcamp – which provides over 8 1/2 hours of training that shows you how to claim your expertise and get rid of the imposter syndrome, attract your soulmate client so you gain the attention of high-value clients, and get paid for your genius by teaching you how to enroll clients and close the deal.

So, what are you getting? 

Well besides feeling as confident as Sasha Fierce and having the CEO swag of Oprah, You’ll have an:

  • Action Plan- Yes!
  • Content Creation- Yes!
  • Sales Skills- Yes!
  • A “bomb cyclone” of new visibility, clients, and opportunities- Yes, Yes, Yes!

If you’ve been in my tribe and benefited from my work, you know I’m providing Drop-Mic worthy content and experience.

Truly, I’m doing this because I don’t want your bank account to be the determining factor of what you’re able to accomplish this year!

You can have everything you desire this year, from how much you want to earn, how you want to feel, where you want to travel, the clients you want to support and become the CEO and Thought Leader you born to be!

Still Wondering if this Works?

Look, I have worked with celebrities, attorneys, MBAs, PhDs, and seasoned business owners to help them get unstuck and elevate their beliefs as well as their position in the marketplace (click here to read some testimonials).

There is no need for me to name drop or sell you loads of pictures from my travels. I have done the work. I sit in spaces with some of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs in the world and now it’s your time to stop the cycle of “playing small” once and for all.

The growth of my company has allowed me to exceed what I made as a full-time nonprofit executive and has allowed me to create a life of fulfillment. I want you to have the same!

Now, I want to ask- are you ready to ELEVATE yourself & your business model so you can start 2018 profitable?

If yes, then I can’t wait for you to join me in this one, and ONLY, boot camp designed just for you!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It:

“This was awesome. I am glad I made the investment.”

“I’m grateful for this, Quanisha! This was excellent.”

“Great Class.”

During the last Get Known Business Bootcamp, participants shifted from “I don’t think people will want to work with or hire me” to confidently proclaiming, “I am willing to stand for my worth and value.”

We’re Making it Happen JANUARY 10th through FEBRUARY 2nd 

Invest in Your Transformation. Secure Your Seat Today!

All you need is your tablet/computer/phone for access.

Recordings Will Be Made Available