[Sista In Success] I Claimed My Passion

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Over the years, I’ve met so many awesome women who have been major influences and have guided me with their knowledge, expertise, and friendship that has turned me into the game changer I am today. As women, we sometimes must go through many directions before we can really claim our value personally and professionally. When I first became interested in event planning, I didn’t even know what the profession was. I just knew, I loved attending weddings and various family functions. This led me to help family members in planning events and through trial and error learned more and more…

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[Sista in Success] Taking Charge By Breaking Free of 6-Figure Student Debt

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I did everything I was supposed to. I was the “good girl” growing up. The one who got straight A’s in high school and went on to get two degrees from two awesome (but expensive!) universities. I landed well-paying jobs, and my 6-figure salary quickly overshadowed my 6-figure student debt. But I quickly felt like a slave to that salary. Year after year I made good money, and had nothing to show for it but debt and bills. I was totally on the hamster wheel. You know, where you put all of your energy into moving forward, spinning and spinning,…

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[Sista In Success] 4 Ways Black Business Women Can Standout Online

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I get it. You’re super dope and overly successful in your career. You have degrees on top of degrees, several certifications, and you kick ass everyday on the job. In a recent study, Black women are more likely to strive than their white counterparts. In other words, the words “settle in your career” is out of your vocabulary. You’re ambitious. Bold. Brave. And do it with swag. Yet, you’re struggling constantly in your business. Your first thought was, “This should be EASY! I have 3 master degrees. Surely, it CAN’T be this hard.” Oh, but hunny it is. I’ve been…

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