6 Surprising Reasons Black Girls Need Our Stories

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I sat in a room with ten other Black women retelling stories about the challenges of collective work with other women; the personal struggles to balance our needs with the demands of our families and friends; and the importance of support for our impending journey. This discussion, a teamwork activity, prepares us as Girl Exchange Leaders for the 2014 Uniquely You Summit. Five years ago, Shaleah Laché Sutton, Founder and President, created an annual platform for 500 middle and high school girls to speak freely about self-esteem and discovery, sisterhood, leadership, colorism, abstinence, sexual accountability, and academic success. The summit…

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How Black Women Can Embrace Our Expertise and Make Our Voices Heard

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Feature on ForHarriet.com Leaders at the Op-Ed Project asked me and thirteen other women to introduce ourselves with this statement:  “I am an expert in…” The reactions of participants’ discomforts range from verbal resistance of the “patriarchal notion” of expertise to stammering over one’s words: “I am not going to brag; I am too young to be an expert; I’ve only been in my field for ten years.” Ultimately, the Yale doctoral student, the Princeton professor, the nonprofit executive directors, and the consultant to the White House all conceded that they were indeed experts on a topic. So, why is such…

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