Jumpstart Your Career:

The 3 Step Process to Find Your Purpose, Develop Your Expertise & Advance Your Career







Hey Sis,

Are you a woman who is frustrated with your current career situation?

Do you feel you are meant for so much more?

Are you tired of compromising who you are?

If yes, then Jumpstart Your Career is for you! In this course, I share the strategies I’ve used to build my visibility and increase my income while working a 9-5. These are the same strategies I’ve leveraged to become a full-time entrepreneur who works from home directing a passion-based business.

In this 2 hour LIVE course, I will teach you proven & easily digestible techniques I’ve implemented to get seen, get heard, and get paid. In this intensive, we will cover:

Get Seen: How to Stand In Your Power

In this module, you will learn how to strengthen your self-confidence and be ready to take charge of your career & life. You’ll learn:

  • A step by step formula to help you own your story so that you can stand out in the crowd

  • Simple, yet overlooked, methods to creating a powerful personal brand

  • Proven templates and techniques for writing effective resumes, bios and social media profiles to get you in action

Get Heard: How to Make Your Voice Heard & Inspire Others to Action

In this module, you’ll learn how to  get the recognition you so much deserve and build a team of mentors & supporters who will  invest in you. You’ll learn:

  • My tested blueprint for building effective relationships & networks

  • Proven strategy to help you communicate effectively, powerfully & persuasively (even President Obama uses it!)

  • The #1 tactic you should incorporate into all your interactions to inspire others to action

Get Paid: How to Make Money Doing What You Love

In the final module, you will learn how to OWN Yourself! I share:

  • My process to discovering your expertise and your unique genius 

  • The #1 question you must always ask to get paid for your time & skill

  • 5 money-making strategies you can implement right away to earn money on your own terms

The Jumpstart Your Career Intensive teaches you the first steps required to free yourself from being a slave to your 9-5. No longer subject yourself to someone else’s valuation of your worth. Jumpstart Your Career is where you learn how to communicate and own your true value!


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In this session, I help you get clarity and provide you with a clear strategy tailored to your unique career situation. You’ll know precisely where to get started so that you can honor your calling, become the leader you were meant to be, and take charge of your career.

Take Charge Now-Jumpstart Your Career!

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