Mission Statement

The Black Women Rise Movement seeks to increase the number of Black women in the leadership pipeline through online coaching and group-based mentoring. We are an online community where current and emerging leaders can discuss “real” issues, develop critical skills/knowledge, and share expertise.

Through storytelling, online training, and discussions, we aim to empower a new generation of Black women. We support leadership across all settings: at home, at work, and in the community.

Why this Blog? Black women are in need

  • Black women are underrepresented in the highest levels of of corporate and political leadership.
  • 1 in 4 Black women are underinsured which contributes to the dire health issues Black women face.
  • Black women earn less than their white counterparts (64 cent to dollar of compared to White men; comparatively, White women earn 78 cent to dollar).
  • Black women are overrepresented in lowest-earning and least secure jobs, as well as among the uninsured, the unemployed, and impoverished.

Black women are critical for improving communities

  • Black women drive spending of 85 cent to every dollar in the Black community.
  • Black women are 58.6% of the voters in Black communities.
  • Black women earn 71% of masters, and 65% of doctoral degrees earned by Black students
  • Black women lead in labor force participation & Black women-owned business are the fastest growing segment of the women-owned business market.
  • Once in office, Black women support progressive agendas around educational, healthcare, and economic development.

Sources: Fact Sheet: The State of African-American Women in The United States; Black Women in the United States, 2014; The Status of Black Women in American Politics

How do we decrease the gap of Black women in leadership? Coaching & Mentorship

People who use mentors are more successful than those without mentors, and that’s substantiated by academic research.“They get more promotions, make more money, and have more career and job satisfaction.” Ellen Ensher, Loyola Marymount University in Mentors: Guiding The Way

Mentorship is about having a partner on your journey to professional and personal development. With the lack of Black women in leadership, it’s important to discover expanded methods for mentorship beyond the in-person one-to-one model.