Over the years, I’ve met so many awesome women who have been major influences and have guided me with their knowledge, expertise, and friendship that has turned me into the game changer I am today.

As women, we sometimes must go through many directions before we can really claim our value personally and professionally. When I first became interested in event planning, I didn’t even know what the profession was. I just knew, I loved attending weddings and various family functions. This led me to help family members in planning events and through trial and error learned more and more about the event industry.

However, instead of following what I now know was my passion, I provided my services to only family and friends. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with just creating events for the family; I just knew deep down that I wanted to do more. I just didn’t have the confidence, which is crazy since I had a loving and supportive family and a strong belief in God!

Until you change that mindset of “stinkin thinkin,” your growth will be limited and opportunities will pass you by.

It wasn’t until my first job fresh out of college that the seeds began to plant. I was working as an administrative assistant for a non-profit company when I befriended the event director… my first professional influencer. I observed how she communicated with vendors and staff. She made people feel at ease and they respected her expertise.

I made myself available to her and soaked up as much knowledge that I could. At some point and even though we never had the conversation, she became my unofficial mentor. Then the unthinkable happened…she decided to retire! Although, I was happy for her, I was devastated (trying not to be that selfish 24 years old).

You know the saying, when one door closes another door opens- well that is exactly what occurred. My mentor’s departure was the start of my career as an event planner!

Upon her retirement and at her recommendation, I was asked to come aboard as the event/program coordinator…you know I said yes right (LOL). This was also my first lesson in the power of connections and knowing the right people to help propel you forward.

I’ve haven’t turned back since!

I am owner of YHD Enterprises, am co-founder of the Philadelphia Natural Hair Show and a Board Member of Philadelphia Chapter of NAPW. Also, I’ve earned two Master degrees. Currently, I have a loving family and I am in a loving relationship. Plus, I am spiritually grounded.

It’s never too late to change your mindset and claim your passion. Be a Game Changer!

MPE Headshot2YHD Enterprises is a professional service company that provides premier event management and custom executive gift services. Monique Eversley is dedicated to creating memorable moments for clients, their guests and their customers. Through her custom gift services division, Monique has created one-of-a kind gift baskets for executives, entrepreneurs, and noteworthy women such as Ms. Star Jones and Philadelphia Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. YHD’s vision is to produce events and provide services that educate, empower and inspire. For more information visit www.yhdenteprises.com

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