The First Step Black Women Leaders & Entrepreneurs Must Take For Success [VIDEO]

By July 22, 2015inspiration

In 7 days, you and over 1000 other Black Women joined the Black Women Rise Movement.

I founded our community on this mission: to help Black Women Rise & Take Charge of Their Lives and Careers. Now, that we’ve achieved “Tribe” status, you may be asking: What’s next? 


Many of you completed the community survey & here are the top results of what you desire from Black Women Rise:

Find Your Passion and Find Your Purpose

Develop an Expertise

And you want me to teach you (i.e. create an online courses, write more articles, and hold a webinar).

These are excellent desires. However, you may be unaware of the critical action Black women millionaires and successful leaders recommend you take before you can find your passion, find your purpose and develop an expertise. Unfortunately, it’s actually a practice many of us avoid.

In this video, I share the first step you must take to capture your desires (and I congratulate you on this awesome milestone).

Please watch the video!!! It’s a short overview on what’s often holding Black women back from success.

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