Healthy Villages, LLC is EXCITED about contracting with Quanisha Smith, MSS of Thrive Management Services to ensure that our operations are beyond stellar in order to provide exceptional services for your organization and or corporation! This collaboration is an example of Healthy Partnerships that are sure to ensure our success!!!

Dr. Angela Shuttlesworth, CEO of Healthy Villages, LLC

Before I worked with Quanisha, I was stuck. I had all the pieces to create a happy, fulfilling life, but did not know how. I felt isolated, lost and overwhelmed, and I struggled with feelings of inadequacy. I was apprehensive about the future and my life outlook was negative. The biggest thing I learned from our individual sessions was the importance of positive thinking, self-reflection, and self-love. As a result of the our sessions, I am more confident and excited to move forward professionally, emotionally, and socially.

Gloria J., Attorney