[Video] BlackWomenRise.com- Impact 1000 Welcome Announcement

By July 18, 2015inspiration

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  • Katrina Blye says:

    Hey lady. I just watched your video and I am so proud of you. I'm proud to say that I know a successful black eoman. Thank you for this movement. Thank you for this video. I'm in the same mental space as Quanisha of yesterday and can't wait to move into a new me. God bless and thank you again.

  • Quanisha your walk is amazing!!! A lot of black women find ourself fighting demons and obstacles from our generational past…. Breaking Generational cycles of demons and obstacles is something that I mentor young ladies through also especially with having to overcome many myself!!!! I love your truth and honest in letting us know what you experienced and had to overcome to get to the mental state that you are at right now!!! I look forward to using your resources and engaging in the Black Women Rise community to get to the next level God has in store for me…

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